The White Rabbit is Alive!

Ooma makes the news of the day. The secret of the White Rabbit is out.

While other VOIP providers like SunRocket (which just died) and Vonage are stuggling to find their feet, it wasn't very intuitive of the VOIP genius Andrew Frame to put in 27 mmmmillion dollars into another one of those pay-once-always-free firms.

Ooma differentiates itself from other monthly-payment VOIP providers by charging a one time only fee of $399 for the Ooma box. Once installed you have lifetime free local and long distance calling in the US. Calls to outside of US would still be charged at the same rate as any other VOIP service, in pennies.

Life time free?! No, I'm not kidding! Ooma does this by using the existing PSTN infrastructure in addition to VOIP telephony over internet. The exact details are yet to be seen, but it is exciting.

Is the white rabbit here to stay? Lets wait for the numbers. They've begun their marketing using the Joost strategy, giving out the Ooma boxes by invitation only. And they have a reason for doing that - they want to control the zip codes that get the first few set of boxes as that will determine the reach of the service.

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